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What to do when the phone slows down? Let's find out.


What to do when the phone slows down? Let's find out.

What to do when the phone slows down?

Assalamualaiku, how are you all. I hope everyone is well. I am also well with your prayers by the grace of God. If you follow some technique by changing it, you can get new speed in your old phone.So let's start without exaggerating.

As the age of the smartphone increases, the speed decreases. There is no need to change the phone just for this. If you use some skills, you will get new speed in the smartphone. Let's find out: -

Topic Index

  • Operating system update:
  • Background app:
  • Unnecessary apps:
  • Live Wallpapers:
  • Internal storage:
  • Lite version app usage:
  • Home screen clean:


Operating system update :

Everyone should update the OS as soon as the new version of the operating system arrives. The phone will be moving. Because various bugs are caught in the OS of the phone at different times. Then an error was seen on the phone. Newer versions are brought to bug out the old OS. Undoubtedly it will increase the speed of the phone.

Background app :

Some apps in the mobile OS always run automatically in the blackground, which is auto-refreshed and updated after a while. Among them, social media apps like Facebook are significant. In this case, you have to go to the running application option from the phone's settings and stop the background work of unnecessary apps.

Unnecessary apps :

Many people have installed a lot of mobile apps. There are even many apps that are no longer needed. Installing many such unnecessary apps reduces the internal memory of the phone and puts pressure on the RAM.

Live Wallpapers :

Live wallpapers on smartphones not only enhance the beauty of the phone but also reduce the speed to a great extent. Try not to use live wallpapers as much as possible. It will also save battery.

Internal storage :

Great speed can be obtained by leaving the internal storage of the phone empty. In this case, the memory should be left empty by removing unnecessary download files, browser history, pictures from a long time ago.

Lite version app usage :

Facebook, Twitter, Messenger and some browsers are very popular apps, as well as a large number of apps lite version is currently available in the Google Play Store. The lite version of the app is usually designed with the speed of the phone in mind. This will increase the cost of the phone, data will cost less.

Home screen clean :

Many people use widgets on their mobiles. But not many people know that extra widgets can slow down your device. If there is too much widget at home, it puts pressure on RAM. This slows down the speed of the phone a bit.

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