What is digital marketing, why, how, for whom?

What is digital marketing?


What is digital marketing?

There will be a circus next month. Everyone should know this. Wondering if it could be promoted on TV and in magazines, I talked to them, they gave me a pricing. I agreed. And they started promoting, it was actually advertising .

Then I went out on the street with an elephant. I went around the city writing details on the elephant. It's actually promotion .

Seeing this promotion, many media and magazines started writing about circus, it is publicity .

People started talking about the circus. This is the public reaction .

At the end of the day, people went to see the circus, tickets were cut. This is Sales .

And this whole process is marketing . And when this whole process is on digital channels, it is digital marketing .

Simply put, in order to sell your product or service, the whole process you are going through is part of marketing.

Internet marketing is actually of two types.

1) Inbound marketing

2) Outbound marketing

Inbound Marketing: Where customers come to you. For example, from search engines.

Outbound Marketing: Where you go to the customer. Such as advertising.

Read more about Inbound Marketing and Outbound Marketing: Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing .

Popular parts of digital marketing:

Among the many aspects of internet marketing, the most popular are:

  • Search engine optimization

  • Social media marketing

  • Content marketing

  • Email marketing

  • Digital Advertising (Facebook, Google, Native Advertising)

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Online press release

  • Sponsored Content, etc.

  • How Internet Marketing Will Help You Get Buyers:

  • You have the answer to this question.

Think, what have you bought in the last 6 months?

Where did you buy it?

How did you find it?

Basically people know about a product / service in three ways.

1) Word of mouth

I heard from someone I know and then my interest grew, I did more research and bought.

Someone I know might be my social media connection, maybe friends and family, maybe a colleague, or an influencer that I follow. Listening doesn't mean I heard Verbali, I got it from his Facebook status, or from a blog post, video. Suppose now I mention any tools in this blog post, then it will be Word of Mouth.

Again if you like the content, you tell someone you know to read my writing, to join my group, then it will be Word of Mouth. I always get a lot of member requests in my group which comes from word of mouth channel. And its percentage is 35%.

2) Search engine:

When a person needs information / product / service, he finds it. And in this age of digital channel reliance, people use search engines to find anything. It could be Google, it could be any other search engine. Such as Amazon.

So if my product, service or information is at the top of the search engine, then I will always get new buyers. For example, if someone searches Google by typing Facebook marketing, then one of my posts is ranked first. Which helps me get new readers every day.

3) Seeing the advertisement:

Suppose I have not heard from anyone, or have ever searched. But when I was using Facebook, I suddenly saw an advertisement, and I became interested. I clicked on the ad's link to see the details, liked it and bought it.

This can happen with any type of advertising.

Basically we can share our buyer source through these three. So in the case of digital marketing, you need to acquire skills on how to utilize these three mediums. Only then will it be possible to generate the right return as a marketer.

Ideas about different campaigns:

Since digital marketing is not just about advertising, there is a lot of connectedness involved. One part or goal of work is one of a kind. Which may be to generate direct sales, which may be to increase brand recognition. And if you want to be a skilled digital marketer, you need to have a detailed idea about different campaigns.

Below are some of the campaign types:

  • Brand Awareness

  • Lead Generation

  • Product launching

  • Brand launching

  • Rebranding

  • Seasonal push

  • Cell Generation

  • Upselling

  • Wrestling

  • Cross selling

  • Demand Generation

How to learn digital marketing?

There are many ways to learn online marketing. If you want to learn, there is no lack of learning opportunities. But if you want to learn with quick and accurate guidelines, it is better to take a course. Because the content is arranged.

But keep in mind, you can't just learn by looking at the content, you have to practice in the right way. Need to practice again and again.

Here are the details of what you can learn

  • Online free resources

  • Online course

  • Onsite Course: (Traditional)

  • Internship (works with an organization or professional that provides online marketing services).

  • Private one on one course. (Learning privately from a mentor)

  • Learn how to develop a career in digital marketing

A digital marketer can actually develop his career in many ways. 

  • Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant

  • Jobs

  • Own agency, from where he can serve the client.

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Ecommerce / dropshipping business Mentorship

Who is this industry for?

Digital marketing is basically for those who are growth minded. Those who like to work with data. Those who always like to do analysis. Prefers split testing. Those who have fun working with different tools.

Think about psychology, study. Enjoy. Feels comfortable creating content.

The market can adjust to change, preferring challenges.

Because it is a very challenging job, where there are a lot of possibilities, but for that you have to have the attitude to overcome the challenge.

Just as internet marketing is essential for a professional, so too is it important for every business to have an idea about digital marketing. Which will help him in his business growth.

How much can be earned by learning digital marketing?

It depends on how skilled you are. Since marketing is essential for a business growth, organizations offer the most benefits to professionals in this industry. But he has to prove his skills.

How much you can earn depends on the organization, the industry and the location.

If you calculate the job, it can be from 20,000 to 1 million Bangladeshi rupees. But keep in mind that it all depends on your skills. At the beginning, of course, something sky-high cannot be expected. The more returns you can generate, the more the organization will evaluate you. So everyone's income will not be the same.

And the rest is a lot like business, so its prediction is zero to sky is the limit.

Ultimately this is a very promising field of work. And by avoiding it, since no business can grow, the demand for it will not decrease. It depends on us how skilled we are and how much market share we have. The digital marketing industry can never survive without developing skills.

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