What does Facebook hear, how does it monitor?


What does Facebook hear, how does it monitor?

What does Facebook hear, how does it monitor?

Does Facebook hear everything you say with your smartphone's microphone? This is a very old question and there is debate about its answer. As a Facebook user, you must be curious about how Facebook collects information.

Suppose you are talking to someone on the phone about something. At the end of the conversation, enter Facebook and see the advertisement of the topic of your discussion is coming up. It happens in many cases.

It can be a coincidence, of course. At least in the eyes of Facebook, it is a coincidence. Facebook is not listening to everything you say on the smartphone. Facebook authorities confirmed the matter in 2016.

However, even if you don't listen to everything you say on your smartphone on Facebook, this world's largest social media knows a lot about you. Sometimes Facebook knows everything you are going to say, do or buy. This is because Facebook collects a lot of information.

At present, the confidence of the users towards Facebook has decreased a lot. It is also easy to find the cause of the loss of confidence. Information of Facebook users is being leaked regularly. Personal privacy is being violated and hacking is happening all the time. Due to this, users are not able to trust Facebook as before.

Many people recommend deleting the account to be safe from these problems of Facebook. However, even if you can not delete the Facebook account, you should be careful about some things. In particular, you need to know how Facebook tracks you and how to stay safe from it.

How does Facebook track you online?

Basically Facebook tracks you while browsing online. The latest update to the iOS operating system has given users the opportunity to be protected from this tracking. That's why Facebook has been 'fighting' with Apple for the last 6 months.

Even if you can't track the iPhone, Facebook can track your activities while using the browser. However, you can turn off this tracking activity on Facebook yourself. That's why Facebook authorities launched a tool called 'Off Facebook Activity' last year.

To use the Off Facebook Activity Tool, first go to Facebook's 'Settings and Privacy' option. From there you have to click on the 'Settings' option. Then on the left side you will find an option called 'Your Facebook Information'. Clicking here will bring up the 'Off-Facebook Activity' option. At this stage, after clicking on the 'Off-Facebook Activity' option, you have to click on the 'Clear History' option.

With Clear History, all your previous activities will be disconnected from your Facebook account. Even then, your Facebook ads will not stop. However, the rate of advertising targeting you will be lower than before.

In addition to tracking, Facebook collects information about you. The social media knows your age from the date of birth given in your account. Facebook also gets an idea of ​​your preferences by monitoring online behavior.

After all, Facebook is not listening to you. They don't even need to listen to you. Facebook's own tool and Apple's convenience can only help keep you safe from tracking. However, these cannot completely stop Facebook from collecting information.

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