Want to read deleted messages on Whatsapp? There is an easy way

Want to read deleted messages on Whatsapp?

How To read deleted Messages on Whatsapp?

There are two options when deleting a message on Whatsapp. One is Delete for Me. Another delete for everyone. Once you select the second, the message is completely deleted. Both the sender and the recipient can no longer see the message.

But there is also an easy trick to delete this message. For this you need to install a special app "WhatsRemoved+" 

You can also see deleted for all messages through this app called WhatsRemoved +. This app will match the Google Play Store. However, it is not in Apple's App Store. This means that only Android users can use this trick.

Download and install WhatsRemoved + from Play Store. Only 4.90 MB in size. So you don't need much data or memory space.

Then you will get different options inside the app. You will get the option to save the file - i.e. picture, document, voice message before deleting.

And through this app, you can see the message sent by someone and deleted before you see it.

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