This amazing information about Google may be unknown to you


amazing information about Google
amazing information about Google

This amazing information about Google may be unknown to you

Google is an American multinational company specialized in

Internet-based service products. Millions of people around the world are using this Google. It is now not just a search engine, but a huge technology company. Google knows about our personal likes and dislikes and habits - but how much do we know about Google? Today's article is about some unknown information about Google.

We don't know about Google

The word Google is derived from the arithmetic number "Googol" which means 100 zeros after 1.

Google's name was supposed to be Google (Googol). This is a mathematical term. In other words, Google is the largest number that can be found by writing one (1) number and then putting 100 zeros. The reason for naming it Google is that Larry Page and Sergey Brin wanted to create something with the goal of being able to organize a lot of information. However, due to misspellings, Google became today's Google.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin, two PhD students at Stanford University in California, began their work in 1986. On September 4, 1997, the two friends founded Google as a private limited company. 

The domain name Google was registered on September 15, 1997.

It started as a public limited company on August 19, 2004.

Google's original name is 'Backrub'.

Google is known as 'Googleplex' and is located in Silicon Valley, California.

The Android operating system, which has changed the definition of today's smartphone, is also owned by Google. For this operating system there is Google's App Store where millions of applications can be used for free.

Google is not everything. There are also many interesting things out there. For example, you can type the word as'askew 'in Google.

Google is a multinational internet and software company in the United States. Google Search Wave in particular is the largest and most powerful search engine. Google's main job is to streamline all the information in the world and make it available to the public. The key is not to be evil.

Google runs about one million servers in various data centers around the world. Processes over one billion search requests and processes about 24 petabytes of data.

At one point, Larry Page and Sergey Brin wanted to sell Google. Then Yahoo refused to buy it. In 2002, when Yahoo wanted to buy Google for 3 billion, Google refused. Google is currently worth more than বিল 400 billion.

Google Image Search was launched in 2001 - inspired by the green dress worn by Jennifer Lopez at the 2000 Grammy Awards. It became the most popular search on Google.

Initially, Google could process 30-50 pages per second. Currently this search engine can process millions of pages per second.

About 15 percent of Google searches are brand new, never before. Google is no longer just a search engine. In the future, there will be artificial intelligence, streaming-based game play, and even driverless cars.

Google is known as 'Googleplex' and is located in Silicon Valley, California. Google's headquarters is huge and has a lot of green space inside. Lawn-mower machines are not used for mowing here. For this, Google hires goats from outside.

The first person to be hired by Google was a student with a Stanford Fellow PhD degree.

Google actually has 8 birthdays. But they have decided that only September 26 will be their birthday.

In 2006, YouTube became a member of the Google family. At that time, Google bought YouTube for more than one and a half billion dollars. Now there are about 200 crore monthly users of YouTube. Every hour 400 hours of video are uploaded on YouTube.

About 40,000 searches are being done on Google every second. The amount of computing required for each Google search is more than the amount of computing used to send Apollo 11 to the moon!

The first Google Doodle was launched on August 30, 1997, with the message out of the office. When Larry and Sergey went to Nevada for a festival, the idea first came up. Doodles have become a Google tradition ever since. Art created specifically for special occasions or personalities floats in the face of Google.

At the beginning of the establishment, Google used only 40 GB of storage. And now it has more than 100 million gigabytes of data in its index.

Google plans to scan 126 million books worldwide and add them to its own database by 2020. 

The Google homepage is available in about ninety languages. There are some strange languages ​​in it. Such as the 'Klingon' language used in the popular movie series Star Trek or the 'Burke Burke Burke' language used in The Muppet movie.

Google runs about one million servers in various data centers around the world, but processes more than 5.4 billion or 500 billion search requests and about 24 petabytes of user-generated data per day.

Everyone who works at Google can bring their own dog. But it has to prove that they will not mess up the office.

Google is the first major technology company to serve free meals to its employees.

Apart from Gmail, Google Maps, Google Drive, Google Chrome, Google has been owning one company almost every week since 2010. Google has 60 more companies like Android, YouTube, VAZ, AdSense.

The famous Motorola company is wholly owned by Google .

If an employee dies while on the job, Google pays his or her spouse enough. If someone dies, his family will continue to receive half of his salary for 1 era.

Google's corporate policy includes "You can make money without bad deeds", "You can be serious without any suit" and "Work must be competitive and competition must be fun".

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