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How To Get Google Adsense Quick 2021 (google adsense approval)

How To Get Google Adsense Quick 2021

How To Get Google Adsense Quick 2021

All of us who want to make money blogging have a goal. And that is to get Google Adsense. Google Adsense is the best way to make money from a website. When I started blogging in a new way, my main goal was to get around it.

A blogger can earn more than a million rupees per month just by using Google Adsense. Many bloggers in Bangladesh earn this amount every month. And their main income comes from Google Adsense.

Google Adsense is not available just by creating a site. For that, you have to work according to many rules and regulations of Google. If someone wants to get Google AdSense approved without following the rules and regulations, then that person will never get approved in AdSense. Many people suffer from various problems with approval. But it is possible to get AdSense easily if you follow certain rules and regulations.

What are the rules and principles of Google Adsense? What is the way to get Google Adsense quickly ?  Which is a must to get Google AdSense. So let's find out about AdSense approval  without delay  . 

Ways to get Google Adsense:

If you want to get Google Adsense on your own blog website then you must pay attention to the following topics.  

  • Website design and customization

  • Unique or self-written article 

  • Arrange for visitors to access the website and connect with you.

  • Adding a search console

  • Social media icons 

  • Regular website updates

  • Posted in compliance with the content policy

This is discussed in detail below. You must be able to activate your AdSense account by reading the full article. 

Website Design:

In order to activate Google Adsense, you must customize your website in a user friendly way after creating the website. For this you will use a user friendly free or paid theme on your Blogger or WordPress website. And there you will design according to your category. 

The design of the template will be done by the developers or by them. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. And this customization is a very easy task. You do not need to know HTML, CSS or JavaScript to do this.

Before applying to AdSense you must upload or install a user friendly and simple theme. If you work with this in mind, it will be much easier to get AdSense. And in the case of the theme, if you use a premium theme, it is even better.

Unique Article:

Website content plays a major role in Google AdSense approval. When you enter AdSense, you will first see a text that We Value Your Content. In other words, Google gives the highest priority to content. So the importance of quality unique content for activating the account is immense.

Google likes new topics all the time. So before activating Adsense, always try to write about new topics and write the articles completely by yourself. If you do not  write a unique article  , you will never get approval. So try to write by yourself even if it is a little difficult.

 How many articles to publish?

In this case, there is no hard and fast rule of AdSense. If your content is unique and informative then you must get Adsense. Many of the people I met wrote 10 to 15 articles and got AdSense approval. However, in my opinion, after writing at least thirty unique articles, it is better to apply for AdSense.

How many word articles to write?

Google did not mention anything in this case. However, when you write an informative article, it must be a large and quality article. And informative content is the most favorite with Google. So it is generally said that always try to write more than 500 words. Maintain quality in the article. Many people get AdSense by writing articles of 200 to 500 words.

Does Google Adsense support Bangla blogs?

Many people who want to start blogging in a new way, the question arises, is it possible to get AdSense by writing in Bengali? The answer is a resounding yes. There are numerous Bengali websites on the internet, including my blog, which have Google AdSense approved. You can do more research if you want. Then I hope this answer will be a little clearer whether Google Adsense supports Bangla blogs . 

Arrangements for visitors to connect with you:

When a visitor enters your website and if he wants to know different information about your website or wants to inform you, then you have to inform him through certain pages. Many will want to contact you. And there are some pages without which you will never get AdSense.  

When you submit your website to Google for review, Google will look at your website completely. And of course some pages they will review without which you will never get approval. The pages are:

  • Home

  • About Us

  • Contact Us

  • Privacy Policy

The above four pages must be added to your website. In addition, you can attach 6 more, such as sitemap, Disclaimer,  Terms and Conditions,  etc.

Adding a search console

Before applying to AdSense, your website must be added to Google Search Console. In addition, Google will not find any content on your website. Due to which you will not get approval.

Basically, through the search console, Google can understand how much content your website has and what it is about. So if you have not added your website to Google Search Console then "No Content" this problem may occur after applying.

Icon on social media

If a visitor wants to contact you, they can also find you on social media. So it is very important to add social media links in the website. This increases the trust of the website to Google. 

When you add popular social media links to your website such as: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc., a visitor can easily contact you. This can benefit you in many ways, such as: If someone wants to sponsor you, they will find you easily and you will easily get AdSense.

So before applying to AdSense, you need to make sure that you have added social media links. This will enhance the beauty of your website. Although a very small matter but very important.

Regular website updates

Regular content updates are a favorite of Google. The blog website will be updated regularly with new content from the beginning until the AdSense is approved. 

There are many people who do not upload any more content after applying for AdSense. That's pretty stupid. So when you apply for AdSense, you will continue to upload content to the website even after applying.

Posted in accordance with the Content Policy

Before posting on the website, you must follow some rules and regulations of Google. If you post without complying with their content policy, they will never give you AdSense approval.

At present many websites are not being approved only due to content policy. This is because they are posting without complying with Google's content policy. Before uploading content for a website  Content Policy Google Adsense rules in compliance with the Post. Then you must get Adsense.

The things I have shared with you will help you get Google AdSense approval quickly . If you ignore the issues or do not work properly customization, then you must fail to activate the AdSense account.

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