How to do Facebook video marketing in the right way? Learn ways to increase likes, views and shares.


Facebook video marketing
Facebook video marketing

How to do Facebook video marketing in the right way?


First of all let me say that the post will be a little bigger. I hope you will be patient. Using Facebook, it has become much easier to promote any business. And, the process of this Facebook marketing, is a very important part of "digital marketing". Can bring huge success. How can you ask questions? The answer is - through Facebook video marketing. In fact, Facebook is now the biggest social media, but not so much. Rather one of them is an online market.

Yes, beyond the chat there is a huge limit to where marketing success can be achieved through very good publicity campaigns. And one of the means of this campaign is video marketing.

Yes, our discussion today is about video promotion or marketing on Facebook. You probably know what Facebook marketing is and why it is needed and video marketing is a part of it.

Alternative use of Facebook will not only promote your product. Rather it will help to get more customers than most. Through which you can take your business to one of the stages in a few days. But it is necessary to have a complete knowledge about the thing.

Let's find out now from our alternative use and action plan:

So if you want to do Facebook marketing, you need to know this important information of Facebook first.

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You on Facebook -

(1) Can be a member of maximum 6000 groups.

(2) You can add a maximum of 5000 friends.

(3) I can like a maximum of 5000 pages.

(4) You can tag up to 50 people or pages in a picture.

(5) I can create a chat group with a maximum of 150 people.

(6) There is no specific limit for giving likes. If you give 40 likes every 8 minutes, you will be blocked.

(6) There is no limit to the number of friend requests you can make. Depending on the percentage you accept, if you send 500 requests and accept 500 requests, there will be no problem. If only.

(6) If you are blocked on something like Like, Comment, Message, Request Send, Group Friend Ad, etc. To find out how long the block is left, click on Setting> support inbox at the bottom left (9) timeline from mobile> Absolutely Click the see friend list> close friend box below to do done.

(10) You can role / manage unlimited pages from one ID.

(11) 60 days ago to change the name Setting> Genarel> Name edit> at the bottom of the blue color Learn more> again at the bottom learn more> let us know> the name you want to enter in the box 1 st and last name must be written even if the middle name is not written> Reason for this change> Legal Name Change> Choose by clicking on any photo upload and send within 72 hours of the name change option will come when you can change.

(12) To admin page from mobile first go to page> right more> edit setting> page roles> add person to page> search by name in the box and select> set as admin> continue with Facebook password> select whatever you want from the options Click add.

(13) To turn off auto video play from PC, turn off Settings & privacy> Videos> auto play videos> by default. It can also be done with desktop view in mobile browser.

(14) To keep the Real ID alive after your death, to make a will for someone by inheritance, search and select settings> security> legacy contact> name below.

(15) To remove 10 tags at a time on PC, select 10 tags with timeline> view activity log> bottom left photos> photos of you> tick. It can also be done with desktop view in mobile browser.

(16) You logged in to your ID from someone else's PC or mobile but forgot to log out!

(16) The settings that are required for the desktop can be done by installing the Mozilla, Chrome browser on the mobile and selecting the request desktop site option.

Now let's start discussing the real issue.

What is Facebook Video Marketing?

Marketing is the key to success in business. Marketing is a prerequisite for profitable business. Basically, marketing refers to the proper promotion of a product. When a product can be properly presented to the public by its producer, the quality of the product will increase. And the thing that works behind the popularity of the people is 'marketing'.

And when this popular social media platform called 'Facebook' is used for publicity purposes, it is called 'Facebook Marketing'. In other words, the promotion of the product centered on Facebook.

In most cases a quality video is used for this promotion or marketing. Because it is largely enjoyable. Therefore, it is widely known as 'Facebook Video Marketing'.

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