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How to do blogging from mobile 2021


How to do blogging from mobile
How to do blogging from mobile? 

How to do blogging from mobile?

New bloggers who have recently started blogging often have a lot of questions in their minds. Do they have any such possibilities in their minds? Can they write blogs from mobile? How to create a blog from mobile? Bloggers who write blogs from their mobile phones can tell you what they need to do to better manage their blogs from their mobile phones.

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  • How to do blogging from mobile?
  • Mobile Blogging vs Computer Blogging
  • What you can do with mobile blogging:
  • What you can't do with mobile blogging:
  • Some easy ways to blog from mobile
  • Mobile Blogging Apps:
  • Mobile Blogging Platform:
  • Some tips for mobile blogging:

it's possible to blog from mobile?

A few years ago, it was not easy to handle a website from a mobile phone. Today, in the age of field phones and tablets, the Android operating system has played a good role in this because when we need something, we go directly to the Google Play Store and install its Android apps.

Speaking of internet users, phones and tablets like smartphone devices are used more than internet from mobile phones and Android operating system is preferred by people. Yes, there is a lot of craze for Android phones today and it is being used all over the world.


Can we create a blog from mobile and manage it well, publishing posts? So in this case my answer would be yes you can create a blog from mobile and run it well. I blog from mobile. It can be said that I am a full-time mobile blogger. I did

I blog from Android mobile You may have heard that blogging requires a personal computer or laptop but this is not the case. Every blogger wants their blog or website to have good traffic. How can you create a blog with your phone and write a blog post?

If you are thinking of mobile blogging then this is a very good decision. I will tell you about the advantages and advantages of blogging from mobile. If you manage blog from mobile then you will see many benefits.

What you can do with mobile blogging:

You can create a blog and write a post on that blog and publish that blog post, you can add images to the blog post and then you can share that blog post on social networking websites.

If you are a student and you are in school or college or somewhere outside then you can work on your blog from anywhere but you can't put PC or laptop everywhere

You don't need to learn photo editing to create a featured picture and thumbnail for your blog post. Many mobile applications will make this task easier for you.

 From the phone you can check AdSense earning and Analytics app you can check earning status and traffic anywhere anytime anytime There are many other applications that make your job much easier.

What you can't do with mobile blogging:

If you want to change the theme and design of your website to your liking, you will need a computer to edit the template from the phone, not coding.

You will need a computer to design graphics for your blog. Now some mobile applications help you in this task.

Some easy ways to blog from mobile

For mobile blogging, you can do from mobile what you could do from PC. You will need an Android mobile to get started. You can do that by uploading to different types of male mobiles with the help of Third Party Apps.


Mobile Blogging Apps:

In the Google Play Store you will find all the apps you need, from online shopping to education and movie ticket booking apps you can install and use on your mobile. Let's go straight to the point. There are different types of apps to write your blog post. And let's help you manage from that blog, let's learn about all those applications

WordPress App: To manage WordPress blogs

Blogger App: Blogger Free Blogspot to manage blogs

Google Docs:   Text editor and online blog post writing

Pixl Lab / Picsart:   To edit blog photos

Buffer App: For social netbuilding of blogs

Analytics: To analyze the status of the blog and that blog


Mobile Blogging Platform:

Before you start blogging you need to choose a good platform where you want to start your blogging YouTube has become very easy for video blogging just like you can choose any one of the following platforms for mobile blogging as they all support mobile blogging By

  • WordPress
  • Blogger
  • Tumblr
  • Weebly

This post is for those bloggers who have started or want to start a new blogging career. In this post, I will tell you about some of the Android blogging applications that must be installed on a blogger's mobile.


Some tips for mobile blogging:

You all know about the Android operating system. If you are an Android user, you have a lot of Android applications installed on your mobile phone. There is

There are a lot of blogging Android applications for a blogger that greatly reduce their backload and Android applications are very helpful in their blogging career.

  • Bloggers who have blogs on the Google Blogspot platform will be able to handle blogs from mobile.

  • WordPress bloggers can manage their site from a mobile phone

  • You can write and publish blog posts from anywhere

  • You can read and send emails related to the blog

  • You can edit graphics for blog posts with the help of mobile

  • You can keep an eye on the SEO and backlinks of the blog

  • You can increase the speed of the website by checking it every day

  • You can share the blog post on social media

  • You can check the traffic of website traffic analysis and adsense

How to do blogging from mobile? It is very important for mobile blogging to choose the Android blogging application and a good blogging platform that allows you to blog from mobile which will greatly improve your mobile blogging.

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I hope you like this post. After reading today's post, you know how to do blogging from mobile? And is it possible to blog from mobile? If you want to post blogs and you don't have a good laptop, you can write blog posts from your Norvel phone.

I hope you enjoyed reading today's article. If you like it, please comment and share this post on your social media handle. Thank you.

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