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Make money online by doing data entry at home

Make money online by doing data entry
Make money online by doing data entry

Make money online by doing data entry at home


Data entry, one of the ways to make money at home:  Copying a certain type of data from one place to another is called data entry. It could be typing any handwritten information into a computer. Or, data from a computer program may be stored in a spreadsheet file. 

Data entry and earn money

Topic Index

  • Why do data entry? 

  • What are the qualifications?

  • What to do and how to earn?

  •  By freelancing

  • Captcha entries

  • Listening and writing

  • Email processing

  • Micro job

  • Data entry into the web system

  • Captioning

  • Data formatting

  • Copy-paste 

  • The work of text data entry from the image

  • Re-formatting and correction-

  • Formatting and editing

  • Capturing online data

  • What kind of difficulties will you face in data entry work?


In the modern age of information technology, streamlining data has become very important. Besides, this work skill can be acquired very easily. And, using these skills can also make money. 

Also, this can be done sitting at home. Besides, it is very easy to earn foreign currency by doing this. So, the work of data entry has become very popular with everyone these days. From students to employees, everyone is running after this job. 

Now, if you also want to make more money with less effort, start working on data entry today.

What are the qualifications?

Data entry work does not require much qualification. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. 


1. Finding information from the internet.

2. Light knowledge in English to understand the project. 

3. Ability to type fast.

4. Ideas about different websites, forums. 

5. Proficiency in using Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. 

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What to do and how to earn?

1. By freelancing

Different organizations provide data entry work on different websites. One of them is fiber . 

You can find work by having an account in your own name on Fiber. On an average, about 100-200 companies do data entry work on Fiber every day. 

You can show your skills and take work from there. And, through this you can earn a lot of money at the end of the month.


2. Captcha entries

Can do captcha entry work for extra earnings. By doing this you can earn 15000-20000 rupees per month.

In this case, your typing speed must be good. Because, depending on the typing speed, your income will go up and down.

3. Listening and writing

You can earn money by listening to the audio and writing it in a word file. But, for this, your hearing ability must be sharp.

If this is not the case then maybe your account needs to be updated. And, this misinformation is very harmful for data entry. 

In this case, your ability to understand English should be good. Because, you have to understand and write every word correctly.

4. E-mail Processing and

In the case of data entry, a lot of money can be made by processing e-mail.

In this case, you have to do several things. First you need to create an Excel spreadsheet to check email. Then, make a list and process hundreds of mails daily. 

The work is a little complicated. However, if you can make a huge amount of money.

5. Micro job

Micro job is an alternative source of income. Especially, those who are looking for a job related to typing. 

You can work as an employee on a micro job site. It is relatively easy than other jobs. Therefore, no prior experience is required for this job.


6.Data entry into the web system

The job of this data entry is to write information from different catalogs to the web system. In this case, you need to read the law departments and insurance claims. Then, write the information from there in a word file or excel spreadsheet. 

You may be asked to write a lot of information in this work. For example: registration number of the automobile, owner's name etc.


Captioning work is advanced level. Because, here you have to write the headline. Also, you need to write news headlines or photo captions.

However, this work is not available. Besides, not much money can be made by doing this. So, good quality data entry workers don't do this job very much.

8. Data formatting

You have to type less for data formatting. And, formatting is more to do. However, this work proceeds

The amount can be said to be fairly good.

9. Copy-paste 

This task is very simple. Copy data from one file to another. Typically, the work is done in a Word document or Excel spreadsheet.


You don't have to type too much in copy-paste. However, it is very important to be proficient in English to do this.

10. The work of text data entry from the image

Here, you will be given a picture. The image can also be a screenshot.

Word you read from that picture

Must be written in the document. However, you must remember that these are not common words. These are words that you may have never heard before.

11. Re-formatting and correction-

Usually word document formatting, formatting jobs. Here, elegant paragraphs, indentations, fonts, etc. need to be done.

Also, you often have a form that is large

May have to format. There, there will be different types of fields; Such as- name, email id, address, phone number etc.

12. Formatting and editing

To do this you need to have special skills on English. Because, here you are just

Don't fix spelling mistakes. Besides, you also need to fix the grammar.


13. Capturing online data

To do this you need to collect data from various e-magazines and e-books.

Good English proficiency is very much required for this job. 

What kind of difficulties will you face in data entry work?

The task of data entry is much easier than other tasks. But, it also has some problems. However, if you are careful in advance, they can be easily avoided. 


Difficulties in data entry work-

1. There is a lot of competition in this kind of work. So, it is very difficult to get a job at first.

2. There is not much opportunity to prove merit or skill in this work. So, after a while, the monotony goes away.

3. This work has to be completed in a short time. By, the file has to be uploaded. But, if the speed of internet is low, it is no longer possible.

4. Many data entry tasks cannot be completed alone. Therefore, many people are needed.

5. Always keep the focus. Once the focus is off, things can go wrong.

By doing data entry you can earn a lot of money sitting at home. But, while this task is easy, the annoyance goes away after doing it for a long time. 

So, many people are not interested in doing this work after a while. In that case, if you want to earn money through any other work, then visit our site. We regularly provide details on various ways to earn money on our site.

Hopefully, through this post you have got a detailed idea about data entry. Now, if you want, you can follow our advice. In return, by doing the job you can earn a lot of money from home, abroad. As a result, you will develop a self-reliant and beautiful life.

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