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What is the operating system?


What is the operating system?
What is the operating system?

What is the operating system?

Do you know what the operating system is? If you don't know then there is no need for you to worry, I will give you the answers and you will get the answers to some more questions through this article

As we all know we are one man and one man has heart but do you know how this heart works, maybe you don't know

I mean, just as a human has a heart, so does a computer, and it's technically called a computer operating system.

When you use a mobile or computer, most of the time you say Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. All these names are included in the operating system, sometimes Android Kitkat, sometimes Android Oreo and if it is said about Windows, many people say Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, etc. are exactly the same in Mac OS 

However, everyone must have some knowledge about this, but many do not know what is the heart of the computer, the work of the OS, if I tell you in a short way, then the operating system end user and a kind of interface between hardware

No matter what type it is, where it is used, what is its main function, if you want to know more about this, you should read this article carefully.


What is the operating system?

Table of Contents

  • What is the operating system?

  • What is the function of the operating system?

  • Memory Management

  • Processor Management

  • Device Management

  • File Management

  • Security

  • System Performance

  • Error Monitoring

  • Types Of Operating System

  • 1. Simple Batch System

  • 2. Multi Programming Batch System

  • 3. Network Operating System

  • 4. Multiprocessor System

  • 5. Distributed Operating System

  • 6. Real Time Operating System

  • 7. Client Operating System

  • My last word

The operating system is called system software. Most people call it OS for short. It is called the heart of the computer. The operating system is a system software that acts as an interface between the user and the hardware of your computer. 

To put it simply, when you run a computer, this OS gives you a way to use the computer, such as listening to music, double-clicking on a Word document, typing something on the keyboard and saving some files to the computer. Can never do without

This OS is a software that allows you to run your computer so whenever you buy a new computer you first load Windows 8 or Windows 10 from the shopkeepers then you take the computer to your home because you can turn on your computer without operating system. No.

Maybe this question is revolving in your mind. Why is it called system software? If you want to run user software on a computer, that is, application software, then you can never run it without OS.

This OS helps to make better use of computer hardware. The operating system mainly performs tasks such as no keyboard input, processes instruction, and transmits output to the computer screen.

You can see this operating system only when you turn on your computer and when you turn off your computer. We call it the operating system

The name of the OS or operating system used in mobile is Android. We all know about this. Now that you have understood what an operating system is, then let's learn about its function.

List of operating systems

Different operating systems are used to do different things. Here I have shared a list of some of the operating systems that most people like to use.

Microsoft Windows: This OS is very popular. More than 70% of computer and laptop users are using one or the other OS version of Microsoft Windows. 

Google Android OS: If you have an Android smartphone, then you are using android OS on your mobile. This android OS is very popular as a smartphone OS and it is being used a lot. 

Apple iOS: Apple iOS (iPhone OS) is a mobile operating system called Apple inc. This OS is only used on Apple's iPhones 

Apple macOS: This OS is used on Apple's computers and laptops. It is the second most used OS after Microsoft Windows.

Linux Operating System: Like Windows, MacOS and iOS, "Linux" is an operating system that you can use on your computer, laptop, mobile tablet, Linux OS is an open source operating system, which means you can use it for free. 

These are examples of the largest operating systems. Although they are known by different names, most people know them by this name.


What is the function of the operating system?

Computers do a lot of things but when we first start our computer the operating system first loads into the main memory i.e. RAM then allocates all the hardware that the user wants to the software.

An operating system is the part or medium through which an application or software and hardware can interact with each other.

We all know that hardware is needed to run a software and any hardware needs urgent software to work.

An operating system is a system of software whose main function is to connect application software and hardware.

Let me explain to you with a small example

When you work on your computer or laptop you are definitely using different hardware in that device.

But are you using your device's hardware directly?

Suppose you instruct your computer to play a song, then that song will play on the audio device or sound box inside your computer.

Also, if you want to receive a file or something from a pen drive, you need to insert that pen drive into your device.

Now you need to understand whether you are using this sound box or pen drive directly.

No, never

Your computer uses a system of software called the operating system and this operating system performs actions by connecting the software and hardware as directed by the user of the device.

You can open any media player to play music on your computer's operating system.

And this operating system will play the song as per your instructions by making a direct connection between the sound box and the media player.

One thing to keep in mind is that the hardware on a computer or any electronic device needs instructions to work.

With the operating system we can easily control the computer device and instruct the hardware involved to make it work.

Below are some important functions of the operating system

Memory Management

Memory Management means the main memory that manages the primary and secondary memory, i.e. the Bytes of a very large array of RAM.

This means that there are many small slots in memory where we can store some data where each slot has an address.

Processor Management

In the case of a multi-programming environment, the OS decides which processors will get which processors and which will not and for how long. This process is called Process Scheduling.

Device Management

If you use Driver on your computer then you may have heard the names of Sound Driver, Bluetooth Driver, Graphics Driver, Wifi Driver but all these different input output devices help to run, but these drivers run OS.

File Management

Many directories are organized in one file because we can easily find the data from it, so let's find out what the OS does in file management.

Organizes information, location and status by looking at some of these file systems

Who will get any resource

De-allocates resources


When you have your computer, you are asked for a password, which means that the OS is protecting your system from unauthenticated access, so your computer is protected and some programs cannot be opened without a password. 

System Performance

The OS records how long it takes to provide a service by improving the system by looking at the performance of the computer. 

Error Monitoring

If there are many errors in the system then the OS detects them and recovers

These are the functions of the operating system 


Types Of Operating System

Technology is changing day by day and with it everything is changing so the use of operating system is increasing in every field like railway, satellite, industry then let's find out what kind of operating system it is. 

1. Simple Batch System

This type of Simple Batch Operating System was used to solve system problems in the old days

It is a type of system that a computer user can never interact directly with the computer

Card Readers and Tape Drivers were used as common input devices 

2. Multi Programming Batch System

In this type of operating system, any one task from memory was then executed

In such Multi Programming Batch Systems, the CPU can never be without work

The CPU always has to process something

3. Network Operating System

This type of operating system was only used on computers that were connected to a network

Network Operating System is a type of software used to communicate and share files across multiple computers.

Here are some examples of such operating systems

Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Microsoft Windows Server 2008, Linux and many more

4. Multiprocessor System

Such operating systems used two or more CPUs in a single computer system.

Multiprocessor System Different processors use a Common Physical Memory and its computing power is much higher. All these processors work in one operating system.

5. Distributed Operating System

This type of operating system was used especially for communication

6. Real Time Operating System

This is the most advanced operating system 

Real Time OS takes more time to complete any difficult task

There are two types of such operating systems

Hard Real Time Operating System

Soft Real Time Operating System

7. Client Operating System

This type of client operating system is being used more and more in “Computer Desktops” and “Portable Devices”. 

This operating system differs from centralized servers in that it supports only one user

Client Operating System is used in smartphones and small computer devices. This operating system manages the components of the device. Some of them are printers, monitors and cameras. Each computer has a specific operating system.

Client Operating Systems provide the power of multitasking at a very low cost

That means it is possible to do more than one thing at a time

Here are some examples of Client Operating System

Microsoft Windows


iOS or Mac OS


These OSs are designed to address a variety of important issues

Microsoft Windows is now widely used as an OS in many computers or laptops

So friends, this time I discussed with you about some of the types of operating systems above

My last word

So friends, today's information is very important, especially this information is very important for students. Friends, through today's article, we have seen what the operating system is and its types.

I hope you guys have found the answers to all the questions you have about the operating system through this article. I hope you enjoyed reading this article today. If you like it, don't forget to share it on your social media.

And if you have any questions related to this article, please let us know by commenting in the comment box below. I will try my best to answer your question. Thank you very much for reading today's article.

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