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What is YouTube Video SEO? 100% effective video ranking strategy


What is YouTube video seo
What is YouTube video seo

What is YouTube Video SEO? 100% effective video ranking strategy

Youtube Video seo: Many people have made YouTube channels to earn money online. Going to work there as usual. But YouTube videos are not being ranked in any way. Visitors are not watching the video. Looking for a solution to how YouTube videos will rank? Then this article is for you.

YouTube Video SEO

Today I have brought before you how to rank YouTube videos on the first page of YouTube. Just uploading a video to YouTube will not rank the video. Can't find by searching. For this you have to follow some rules and regulations. In other words, in order for the video to come to the forefront after searching, some optimization has to be done / SEO. Make money on YouTube.


In addition to optimizing some videos, it is a matter of luck if this happens on the first page. Because a video is not usually ranked without being optimized.

The process of uploading a video online and ranking it on the first page is called YouTube SEO. So let's see what you need to do to rank Youtube Video.

Topic Index   

  • What is YouTube SEO?

  • What to do for YouTube:

  • On-page YouTube SEO

  • Make Brand Channel

  • Video subject selection / Remember when select the video topic

  • Long video / Long your Video Length

  • Keep Motivational Speech on Video - Keep Motivational Speech on Video

  • Use Correct and Easy Word

  • Give importance about educational Topics 

  • Use beautiful thumbnails

  • Keep keywords in title tag 

  • Keep keywords and LSI in description 

  • Using Keyword Related Tags 

  • Long time viewer hold / Use trikes to hold on user

  • Create Option to comment

  • Encourage viewers to like or share

  • Use the card occasionally

  • Using indscreen

  • Offpage Video SEO

  • Using social media

  • Participate Question Ansar Site: Participate Question Ansar Site

  • Do Backlink

  • Share / Embed video on website

  • Comment 

  • Guest post 

  • Create links on other video websites

  • Paid Marketing

  • All in all our advice


What is YouTube SEO?

After uploading the video to YouTube, users have to adopt a number of methods so that the video can be found or optimized. The things that need to be done to rank the video on the 1st page of YouTube is YouTube SEO.


What to do for YouTube:

If you want to do a video SEO, first you have to divide the SEO work into two parts.

1. Onpage YouTube SEO

2. Offpage video SEO

In this tutorial, I will discuss the two mediums in stages so that you can easily rank your YouTube videos on the 1st page of YouTube if you want. This tutorial will cover all the tasks or mediums that need to be adopted.

On-page YouTube SEO

On-page YouTube SEO is the work that needs to be done within the channel or within the video you want to rank. In other words, on-page Youtube SEO is to optimize the YouTube channel video well. There are several parts to the on-channel YouTube that I discuss in detail below.


Make Brand Channel

The channel you upload your video to must brand the channel with a brand name. So that the channel is easily created in the form of a brand. According to Google's current search algorithm, any video in Brand Chennel ranks very quickly. And Brand channels can be easily remembered by the users and later they can easily enter the channel with that brand-name. Creating a channel in the form of a brand is very important.

One more thing to keep in mind, when creating a channel you must try to create a brand that is very simple and memorable. No brand can be created that people cannot pronounce or remember. Because many people enter YouTube without clicking on the video, only by searching under the brand name.

E.g., t-series. To listen to any Bollywood song or get any information about Bollywood, those who enter YouTube first go and search and type t-series. Millions of daily users enter their channel just by typing their band name.

Video subject selection / Remember when select the video topic

When you make a video, you must choose the topic of the video to see if a person is looking for the video on YouTube. Whether there is a topic that people need. If you choose a topic that people never search on YouTube. But then it will be useless for you to make a video on that topic. So before making a video, you must see what the users demand on the topic on which you are making the video.

Another thing to note is that there is a lot of demand from users on all these topics and if you can select topics that are less than comparable videos, your video will rank very easily / quickly.

Long video / Long your Video Length

When making a video, try to make the video for at least 10 minutes or more. Because in a video of less than 10 minutes, it is not possible to fully explain anything to the user. But yes, if the subject you are making the video is a short topic, then you can make a video of less than 10 minutes in length, there is no problem.

Keep Motivational Speech on Video - Keep Motivational Speech on Video

The video occasionally mentions some words or topics that a user or visitor feels comfortable with and likes to watch. This will allow a visitor to watch your video longer.

One thing to note here is that you put something like that at the end of your video and say about that at the beginning of the video.

For example: Suppose you have made a video about mobile lock and the solution is in the last part of the video. You can say that in the first place, this video has a complete solution, but users will be interested to watch the whole video. Or you can say that no part of the video can be omitted. Every part is very important. So watch the full video. Then you will see the viewer will watch the video again and again with attention.

When a video gets more views, it will rank faster.


Use Correct and Easy Word

Present the voice or words in your video in very simple and pure language. So that users can understand very easily. Then that user will come again to watch your video later. Pure and simple presentation is crucial for a video. Because the user's needs cannot be met with any random presentation. Users will also be interested in watching your video by watching your speech / presentation.

Give importance about educational Topics 

Before making a video, you must make sure that the users are learning something by watching your video. The video will only be viewed when a user or viewer benefits from your video. And if you can't learn anything from your video, but don't want to watch your video. Even if your video comes in front of him, he will skip it or delete it after watching it. In that case your video rank may drop.

Use beautiful thumbnails

The maximum visitor of a video comes from the suggested video. If YouTube suggests any of your videos in the sidebar and your thumbnail image is interesting, the chances of getting visitors are greatly increased. Attractive thumbnails are one of the ways to get visitors from suggested videos. So try to give an interesting thumbnail of a video.

Keep keywords in title tag

The topic or keyword on which you made the video must be included in the title. Then YouTube's algorithm can easily understand what the topic of your video is. And according to that, YouTube will rank your video.

Keep keywords and LSI in description 

Using video description keywords and using words to match the meaning of the keyword.  LSI is: (Latent Semantic Indexing) i.e. keyword supporting word.

Using Keyword Related Tags 

Video tags: Use tags for the category or topic on which you made the video. No need to use extra or nonsense tags. When you use a topic or additional tags other than your related topic, the video will move to the Confused option. In other words, search engines will have trouble understanding what your video is actually related to. Care must be taken when using tags in videos. A video tag is a very effective medium for video ranking.

Long time viewer hold / Use trikes to hold on user

The video will use some sophisticated techniques to hold longtime beer. Because the longer a user watches a video, the better the video will rank. Watch time of a video is a very effective medium for video ranking.

Create Option to comment

Occasionally make some options in your video so that users can comment on any one of those options in the comment box. Remember that the more comments you have on your video, the more YouTube's algorithm will understand that users are interested in this video, so that video will continue to rank very quickly. So in order for users to make more and more positive comments in such a situation.

For example, there are three topics in your video. Out of the three topics, tell your visitors which ones you like the most, which ones do you like the most? Let us know in the comments. Most of the positive comments will come in your video because of this one word of yours.


Encourage viewers to like or share

Sometimes in the video, say something to the users or want to know something from them. If you want to know something from users, you will see that many users are giving you their opinion. In that case, as your comments increase, you can ask them to like and share. So that his circle of friends can know this information. Make users interested in liking or sharing your videos in this way.

Use the card occasionally

Create a card (I button) with a reference to another video from time to time in the video. If you want to know about this, click on the I button above and watch the video. Then you will see this video along with another video users are watching. In this case, the views of your video will increase and there will be many positive effects in terms of ranking.

Using indscreen

Using the End Screen at the end of the video, using the End Screen at the end of the video, the user will be interested in watching another video by clicking on any one of the videos on the inch screen after finishing the video. In that case you got another video view. This is one of the strategies to increase video views. If you want to link your video, you must use End Screen at the end of the video.

These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use.


Offpage Video SEO

Off Page Video SEO is to do something outside the channel from which to refer to your channel to do something. Through which visitors come to your channel. And this increases the priority of a channel to search engines.

Below are some offpage video SEO techniques that can easily rank a video in search engines.

Using social media

Share your video on various social media from where a large number of visitors will watch the video and find out about your channel. This will increase the branding of your channel as well as increase your video views and search engine priority.

Popular search engines are: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

Participate Question Ansar Site:

You can share the link of your video by joining the various question and answer sites. For example, if your video is such that there are some ways to make money online. So all those users want to know how to make money online? There you can say "If you want to make money online, watch this video" and come with your video link and you will see that there will be many visitors.

Some popular question and answer sites:

  • Yahoo! Answers
  • Answerbag
  • Blurt it
  • WikiAnswers
  • FunAdvice
  • Askville
  • Friendfeed

Do Backlink

A backlink is a link to your website or video channel through another website and tricks. That means any website or video channel will refer that this topic can be found here. Write and link your video or website there. By doing this, by clicking on that link, just like visitors will come to your video, search engines will give priority to your video and help you to get your video at the top of the rankings.

So the better you can hide your website or video, the more views and rankings will increase in your video. This method is an ancient method.

Share / Embed video on website

Create a website related to your YouTube channel and add various content related to your videos and add your videos from time to time. So that a user can search your video with any keyword related to your website and see your video.

For this you can create a website on Blogspot or any other platform if you want. There are also many ways to make money online through websites that you can use to make a separate income. This will also increase your income from the website and increase the value of your video in search engines.


Go to the comment box on any website or YouTube channel related to your video and write something in the comments and come up with the URL of your video so that a user can easily click on your video and go to your YouTube channel. This will increase the views of your YouTube channel and your video will get a lot of rankings.

Guest post

There are currently several websites on which articles can be published at any time. First find some websites like this and write articles related to your videos and sometimes embed your videos or come up with links. When a visitor to this website clicks on the link of your video, users will be able to go directly to your YouTube channel from there. This will make the video of your YouTube channel easily in the search engine.


Create links on other video websites

There are several other video platforms besides YouTube. You can add some videos related to your video to those video platforms and come with the link of your current video in the description box below so that anyone can click on your video from there. This method allows a video to be easily ranked in search engines.

Paid Marketing

You can do all the mediums mentioned above for free. If you want to increase the view of your video by spending some money, you can easily send your video to many places by advertising in Google AdSense or other social media. This will get a lot of visitors to your video.

All in all our advice

Above all, our advice is that if you want to rank a video, then you must pay a little attention to the media that I have given above, then work, hopefully soon your YouTube channel will see the face of success.

Friends, if you like this article, please share it with your friends and help them to know. And if you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know in the comments box.

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