What is Google Assistant? What does it do, how to do mobile setting?


What is Google Assistant?
What is Google Assistant? What does it do, how to do mobile setting?

What is Google Assistant?

The world is moving forward at a tremendous pace today with the help of technology. Man's life journey has been made many times easier. From the beginning of that globalization till today, this success does not seem to stop. Rather, it is increasing. And as the bearers and carriers of this progress, we see the various well-known and expensive institutions of the countries of the developed world. Google is just such an organization.

The company that started its journey as a search engine today is not limited to search engines only. On the contrary, they have come up with various inventions to make people's life journey easier. Today we will learn about one of his discoveries and that is Google Assistant. What will be the main topic of today's discussion Google Assistant? What is the job of Google Assistant? How to use your phone by setting.

Let's get started.

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What is Google Assistant ? 

In the beginning we need to understand very well what Google Assistant is basically. Because otherwise we will not be clear about the next issue. So let's look at a little definition. Google Assistant is basically a kind of artificial intelligence made by Google's Voice Controlled Assistant. Artificial intelligence is basically a kind of modern technology that works according to human nature. In other words, robots can be understood.

Google Assistant is now available on all types of devices such as Android, PC or laptop. So if you are a user of any of these, you can run Google Assistant. Google Assistant is an effective technology for speaking with voice commands.

Google Assistant is also a popular name in the world of Artificial Intelligence or Artificial Intelligence.

Google Assistant What do they ? 

If you ever feel lonely, you can talk to Google Assistant. Ha ha I was joking. But you can do it too. However, one of the main uses of Google Assistant is:

1. If you have any questions you may have, Google Assistant will answer them immediately. This way you do not have to bother to write questions. And time will be saved.

2. Google Assistant will work with both voice and text commands. Which is one of the features.

3. If you use Google Assistant, you don't have to bother typing while searching. You can search by talking to Google.

4. Music can be controlled with Google Assistant. In other words, if you want to play music on the phone without touching, then Google Assistant is one of the options.

5. You can use Google Assistant to open or launch any app.

6. Hundreds of messages or notifications have come to your phone in this case you can not read openly. In that case you can read the notification through Google Assistant.

7. With Google Assistant you can set alarms and times very easily.

8. You can use Google Assistant to know what the weather will be like tomorrow, whether it will rain tomorrow or not, whether it will be a storm or not.

9. You can send a message without typing by saying goodbye to the hassle of sending a message by typing.

Also, if you want to call someone without touching the phone, Google Assistant can be your helper.

You can also listen to music on Google if you want to listen to music. Many more features also exist. You can learn about it only when you start using it.

And we will know the method of that use in the following point.

A Brief History of Google Assistant :

Before Google Assistant, the concept that Google used to cherish was Google Voice Search. Yes, Google had a feature that could give commands by talking to Google. And just thinking of this feature a little more may be the invention of Google Assistant.

The first Google Voice Search came in 2011 and then it was only on PCs and laptops which we now get on our mobile phones as well. Also a version of Google Now first debuted in 2012. Google Now is not a different thing, but the old version of Google Assistant is basically called Google Now.

Gradually, as the technology progressed, so did Google Now. And in a similar vein, in 2016 we came across this effective tool called Google Assistant through which you can do a lot of work today through voice campaign.

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Mobile How Google Assistant settings do ? 

Google Assistant is available with mobile so you don't have to worry about using it on your smartphone. But you have to adjust the setting. And at this stage we will know how to set up Google Assistant on your mobile. Let's get started.

1. The first thing you need to do is open the Google app on your smartphone. Open Google's main app, not the Chroma browser.

2. Then click on the More option on the right side of your hand as you hold the phone.

3. After clicking on the More option you go to the Settings option. You have to work at this stage in the settings in the My options in Settings.

4. After clicking on the settings option, you go to the Google Assistant option. This is the coveted Google Assistant.

5. At this stage, after you click, go to your Assistant tab.

6. After clicking on the Assistant option you go to the very bottom. There you can see the phone options below the Assistant device. Click on the Phone option.

7. After clicking on the phone option you will be taken to another page. All you have to do at this stage is see the Google Assistant option at the top. With your work. Google Assistant Enable or disable this option at this stage.

8. The last thing you need to do is click on the Hey google option below the voice match and activate it. That is the end.

This will enable you to launch your Google Assistant and once it is launched you will have no more hassle.

In today's article we have basically learned what Google Assistant is, a brief history of Google Assistant. I also know if you can take advantage of Google Assistant on your phone.

Hopefully, this has made the concept of Google Assistant clear to you. If you want to get technology related posts like this, stay with us. And subscribe to the blog for the next post. Thanks.

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