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6 interesting and easy ways to earn money online


easy ways to earn money online
easy ways to earn money online

6 interesting and easy ways to earn money online

Here are 6 popular sites to earn money by writing articles: In fact , earning  money is not as difficult as it used to be. Making money is one of the easiest jobs in the world right

now. If you know a little bit about online, then it is possible for you to earn a lot of money by writing on various blogs or websites through the internet.

All you have to do is learn how to write on those blogs or websites. This article is for those who have not made any income online yet. Or for those who have a small income and want to increase the amount of their income.

If you read this article with a little attention, then a big horizon of income through online will be open in front of you. And on this horizon you can earn such income by writing. Likewise if your acquaintances have friends who are interested in writing online.

Then you can do them a lot of good by informing them. In fact, there is nothing in the world but money, we all need money. So without further ado, I am going to the main discussion. Today I will discuss with you about some websites where you can earn money through writing. So friends, let's not look at the sites. 

Topic Index   

1. Income from fiber

2. Earnings from Yahoo Contributors

3. Income from squidu by writing articles

4. Earnings by writing articles from the hub page

5. Income from upwork

6. Earn articles by writing articles from teller.com

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1. Income from fiber

Official site link: http://fiverr.com/

Fiber is one of the most attractive online websites in the world through which people earn income in various ways. Each service is priced here and that is five dollars to understand how much it costs in Bangladeshi rupees. However, the site authorities will deduct one dollar and you will be paid 4 dollars.

Here you can offer to write an article on a specific topic or any subject for 5. If your customer accepts your offer and asks you to write, then you can write and earn money there effortlessly.

If your offer is to the liking of a client and the client needs to write it, then that client will first pay 5 5 to the website and then the web site authority will pay you চার 4.

You need to withdraw money via PayPal or bank transfer. And only you can withdraw money deposited through PayPal or bank transfer.

Another interesting thing is that the more offers that can be sold on this website, the more the author will be able to unlock his level and the author will be able to open more opportunities for himself. It all depends on the writing ability. The more beautiful the writing, the more the clients will be interested in buying his writing.

So why delay? Offer your beautiful writings for sale now on Fiber and start earning unlimited money. I wish you a beautiful financial life.


2. Earnings from Yahoo Contributors

Official site link: 


Another website that makes money by writing is the Yahoo Contributor Network. This is a website to make money by writing an article. If you want to write here, you have to sign up here at the beginning and if you sign up, you will get the assignment for your article every day. And you have to write accordingly.

They can usually pay you between ড 2 and 25 25 for each assignment. And your articles will be published in various Yahoo subdomains such as Yahoo News, Shopping, Sports, etc.  


3. Income from squidu by writing articles

 Official site link:   http://www.squidoo.com/

Squido is one of the most trusted websites in the world for writing articles. The popularity of this website is skyrocketing not only in Bangladesh but all over the world. Any article can be written openly on this site. And it is possible to write specific articles on this website by determining the content on your own.

The funny thing here is that when you write articles then when they are published on that website any advertisement that is consistent with the content of your writing may be shown on that page. These are basically the world's biggest websites like Amazon, eBay, which basically sell squid through their affiliate programs.

You will be paid half the amount that Squido will earn by displaying those ads from time to time in your writing. This is extra income without your article. And you have the income of the article.

You can withdraw your earnings through PayPal or any of the various payment systems on this website. So it's not too late to start your income today.

4. Earnings by writing articles from the hub page

Official link: http://hubpages.com/

There is not much difference between this website and the squid website mentioned above. When you write an article or hubs here, many ads that match the content of your article will be shown on the website and these ads are basically Google AdSense.

If you want to get paid for Google AdSense ads, you need to have a minimum deposit of 100 100 in your account. The website will not pay you until you have deposited 100 100.

 But the hubpage thing is a little simple there you don't have to have 100 100 in your account if you have a minimum deposit of ড 50 in your account then you can withdraw payment from there. Between Google AdSense and HubPage's ad program, it's easy to make money from HubPage's ad program. 

5. Income from upwork

 Official link: https://www.upwork.com/

There is a wonderful surprise at the end of it all. If you ask people which is the most popular freelancing site in the world today? Then almost everyone will say upwork. Because just as it is easy to get a job here, so is the scope of work here.

Here you can do a lot more than just writing. Web design, or graphic design, copy-paste, or any article writing can be earned here. In 2015, the site was renamed Odesk to Upwork.

Then another popular freelancing platform ‘Elance’ merged with Upwork. Upwork offers fixed and hourly rates. PayPal, Pioneer and bank transfer methods are available to withdraw money from here

6. Earn articles by writing articles from teller.com

 Official site: http://www.articleteller.com/

On this site you have to write articles for different customers . The more beautiful your writing is and the more you can impress the customer, the better your writing will be and the more money you will get for it. Moreover, the funny thing is that if you write regularly on this website and your writing power given by the creator is much better, then your writing level will increase automatically.

This is the funny thing. As your level increases, so will the quality and value of your writing. So those who are good at writing, why are you late? Start writing today.

The amount that the customer will pay you for an article is deducted 19% from the website as their own charge and you get 81%. That means from 100 rupees the website authority will keep 19 rupees and pay you 81 rupees.

So those who spend their time just sitting at home watching videos or movies-dramas will not be late anymore. Start earning money by writing online from today.

We will come up with more beautiful and easy ways and approaches for you to make your online income a little easier. God bless you. So far today.

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